Aug 05, 2021
Sarah Douchette
Stone Soup Network

Through this program, a neighbourhood of strangers becomes a Stone Soup Network.

We keep a list of donated products (movie tickets, store gift cards, merchandise) and services (legal, dental, financial). We make this list accessible online to social connectors such as religious leaders or social workers who have clients in need. A client can visit a social connector and receive a voucher for goods or services to be provided by a local business.

The Stone Soup Network adds to the social safety net by providing an occasional “extra” — a child’s birthday cake, or a night out for a family facing a difficult medical journey, or a haircut for someone preparing for a job interview.

Stone Soup Network helps to harness the existing goodwill of the community and channel it for maximum impact. It was founded and still operates in Toronto’s Ward 4 (Parkdale-High Park) and will soon begin operations in Ottawa.


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