Oct 17, 2019
Tina Soldolvieri
Roncy Reduces
Tina is an environmental educator in her second career after raising three children (now 14, 18 and 21). As part of her masters degree in environmental education She did an internship at the High Park Nature Centre where she is now a part time staff as nature interpreter.
Tina founded Roncy Reduces in January of this year with a bunch of Roncesvalles neighbours. They found each other by an email that was going around among neighbours, school connections (being parents at the same school) and friends. They are a group of 8-12 people, almost all women and meet on a monthly basis. Our capstone event was at the Revue Cinema in June when we showed the documentary The Clean Bin Project, made a presentation about Roncy Reduces, showed a slide show with all 70 businesses involved and had a speaker from, Charlotte Ueta from Toronto Waste Management. They also reached out to five neighbourhood schools with workshop, a poster contest and two school screenings. Come on the 17th to hear more!