25th Anniversary Event

April 25th, 2012

From all the responses I have received, everyone thought our Rotary Club of Parkdale-High Park, 25th Anniversary Event was a huge success. We had nearly 100 guests from near and far, past and present.  It was also in support of the Redwood, founded by earlier Club Members with proceeds of the event going to the Redwood.  

Set at the Boulevard Club (BC) on the shores of Lake Ontario, on a sunny spring day, we had the full use of the entire BC venue: reception area, solarium, terrace and Ballroom. The four-course chicken/beef dinners were excellent, elegantly served and finished with a very popular chocolate mousse desert.  

Scott Bartle was our MC and Robin Sorys our invocation speaker. The Redwood staff also spoke and told of their work.  Founding member, Dan Cornacchia, spoke about the early days and Neil Webster's vision, as Charter President, in establishing the club. Suzanne Rusywich and Danielle Gilas made honorarium presentations of floral plants to the band and Rotary dignitaries.  The memorable entertainment was provided by the GTA Swing Band (18 piece) and June Garber, vocalist.  They were FABULOUS.  This was an event with a real...WOW factor.   

The Core Event Planners were Scott Bartle, Marty Kristof and John Counsell; Fund-raising: Jacquie Menezes; Table decorations: Suzanne Rusywich and Danielle Gilas; Greeters: Suzanne Rusywich and Suzanne Manvell; Volunteers: John Counsell, Lynda Moore, Peter Jones, Larysa Kalyta and Ron. 

During this very memorable evening, everything seemed to flow.  It seemed that the sum of the total was greater than its many parts. A great job by all our workers and volunteers.  Congratulations.

Marty Kristof