Notes from our Breakfast Meeting, Thursday November 20, 2014


High Park Rotary

November 20, 2014


Fort York Food Bank

            Received approval of the grant for the Fort York Food Bank.

            Need to get some bank and administrative issue solved.

            New heater for the door is required and cost is estimated to be $2500+.

50/50 Draw

            Don won in absenteeism and the King showed his face, and as such, the pot lives for another week!

Happy Bucks:

                Danielle is celebrating the opening of her new venture, Vivid Health Toronto

November 27, 2014 6-9pm at 2312A Bloor Street West Toronto ON M6S 1P2.

                Fernando is back in Toronto after spending many weeks in warm and balmy Sao Paulo, Brazil and is very happy to be back in the Winter Freeze! In addition, Fernando will be part of a group, performing in honour of the late Pete Seeger. This to be held at the Cecil Community Center ( 58 Cecil Street Toronto. The performance is to start at 19:30/7:30pm (check back for date!)




Rotary Auction is this weekend

            Danielle has brochure for those who donated to encourage people to make bids.

            Rogers has opened access to the website (look for an updated message)


Today’s Speaker

Magdalini Agrafioti introduce the topic of “Language of Power”

There are many word that are inherent in our culture that create self-blame (good/bar, right/wrong, immature/mature and Brilliant/Stupid)

Impact of Blaming

            Guilt is induced and energy is wasted.

Dichotomous thinking related to Blaming

            We are evaluated by authority figures using the above noted words causing stress and decreased resilience.

Course of Action:

            Remove the adjectives and look at the facts

            Focus on the needs and accomplishments

In Summary:

            Move from blaming, self-blaming and labeling, to asking what are the needs and priorities to be fulfilled. This in turn, will reduce stress and saves energy to re-focus on problem solving and/or coping.