Notes from our April 17th meeting:



  • Our guests today were Alex from Toronto Earls Court Rotary and our Speaker, Anne Brobyn.


  • The next Blood Donor Clinic is May 10th and we need two volunteers for the late shift.
  • Food Bank is doing a clean-up of the kitchen at the end of the month and we’ll get more information soon. They will need volunteers for this.
  • The club's Golf Tournament is Thursday August 14th and we need golfers but, more importantly, we need Prizes and Sponsors. Call Scott if you have questions.
  • The TV Auction Committee met after the meeting and is making great progress!
  • Paul Harris Fellows were announced and will be presented on Thursday June 19th at the KUMF Gallery, 2118-A Bloor Street West. This is a great opportunity to give Family, Friends and Potential Members an insight into Rotary. Food and drinks will be served starting at 6:30 p.m. and we should be wrapped up by 9:00 p.m. The Recipients will be:
  • Norm Clarke; who stated the Triple Threat Basketball league for Inner City Kids in 2002. There are 17 teams now.
  • Daria Olynyk; who has a long list of accomplishments and contributions to the Ukrainian Community, U of T, and St Joseph’s Hospital.
  • Sam Caragianakos; who is the Active Head of the Family for the Grenadier Group. Great contributor and supporter to our Rotary Club, all High Park programs and the Local Community.
  • Charlene Hewat; who is a Rotarian in Zimbabwe. We are using our Club’s points to honour Charlene with this Award. In 1986-87 Charlene and a friend rode their bicycles 22,000 kilometers to bring awareness and raise money to save Rhinos. She went on to create Environment Africa, an organization to improve the conditions of water an earth to help the people of Africa and the list goes on. Our Club (Carole Rowsell) was involved with Charlene with Water Projects for 16 Communities supporting more than 20,000 people. We hope to have video of this award being presented to Charlene at their District Conference in Africa.

Our Guest Speaker: Anne Brobyn


Anne spent 15 minutes giving us a worthwhile exercise on “How to grow your Business in Niche Markets”. It was a simple and easy to understand presentation and she was very engaging.  Anne is the Founder and President of Hibiscus International. She is a Speaker, Presenter, Consultant and Travel Adviser to the Tourism 7 Hospitality Industry. To find out more you can visit her websites at  and


  • 50/50 Draw: Anne drew her own number but didn’t win the pot. Sorry Anne Image