And so here's roughly what happened at this morning's breakfast meeting:

  • Lynda Moore visited this morning!
  • Don reported out on art work progress on our club "Wanted" poster and solicited some input on descriptive wording.
  • We discussed the Foundation Walk that is scheduled for Sunday, September 23, in Bowmanville.  Each active club member is required to donate a minimum of $100 to the Foundation Walk this year.  But there are no limits!  Each member can use the pledge forms to raise as much as they can. This is a great way to contribute to Rotary Foundation.  Given we have had regular access to Rotary Foundation funds in the past and will again in future, this is a great time to contribute to the pot.  Hugh was asked to re-send the August 03 email describing the day together with the necessary pledge forms. (Done!)  Note that there is an additional description of the Foundation Walk, received from District, directly below in this bulletin and on our web site home page:
  • Danielle gave us an update on last night's TV Auction Operations Team meeting.  Danielle distributed item donor and sponsor brochures to those present at this morning's meeting.  Also available are sponsor forms (more limited quantity) to be filled out.  Be sure to get your brochures next week if you missed this morning.  The suggestion is that we target 10 item donors.  Syd Wilson will pop by one of our breakfast meetings to give some of his tips on successful targeting strategies.  Danielle will also send out an email to assist people joining, getting involved, and keeping abreast of the various TV Auction committees through MTRA. (And it is easy to adjust your MTRA settings so that you do not receive notice of non Rotary TV Auction functions.)
  • Rick received word yesterday that we cannot hold the September bottle drive.  Brewer's Retail senior management apparently have pulled the plug all such events - except their own. So the planned bottle drive is unfortunately CANCELLED.  (And now Rick has to find a truck to remove the smelly accumulation of bottles at his house!) 
  • Robin won the 50/50...and kindly left the pot for someone else!
  • One last note, if you are having trouble logging into and using the new web site, give Hugh an email call for help.
  • THAT'S IT!!