"Two Counts for Charity" 

Before summarising today's breakfast meeting, the above photo came to us from the Rotary Club of Toronto's President Neil Phillips.  The feedback from Neil is that the Zeddys not only helped raise funds, but were also a wonderful addition to the children's gift bags at their Saturday party...Two Counts for Charity! 

And now, some notes from our breakfast meeting today:

Guests and Visitors:

  • Assistant District Governor Michael Bell joined us this morning - bearing a bottle of wine!
  • Emma Lewsly, Executive Director of the Redwood and our own honorary club member Anthea Windsor were guests this morning.
  • Prospective member Arthur Anderson also visited us this morning - welcome Arthur!

Presentations and Announcements:


Pictured above L-R: Emma Lewsky, Don Sirko, and Anthea Windsor

  • From the Zeddy fundraising effort, Don presented a cheque for $2,500 to the Redwood's Emma Lewsly and Anthea Windsor.  As well, twenty $100 HBC gift cards were presented courtesy of Zeller's.  Also given to the Redwood were bags of cookies by John H., children's kits by Robin and 30 tickets to the Pia Bouman Nutcracker event by Scott. 
  • Anthea and Emma thanked the club for our on-going support to the Redwood.  Anthea indicated that while the relationship has necessarily evolved since the days of bricks and mortar, it has done so in a thoughtful and meaningful way (though she said it better than summarised here).  Emma gave an update on the "Women on the Move" program where a documentary film is in process.  Unfortunately, demand still exceeds their capacity at the Redwood and much still needs to be done on multiple fronts to reduce violence in the family.
  • And from ADG Mike:
    • Mike thanked us for an idea he nicked from us for the Etobicoke Club - the Selfish Santa - a spin-off of our Greedy Grab.  They had their fun and fellowship last night at their Xmas party.  
    • From the District level, Mike spoke about the upcoming February 2, 2013 Marlie Night in aid of Polio Eradication.  Details available through Bill Patchett and Mike.  There's also the possibility for our club to get involved in the 50/50 draw at the Marlies game.
    • Mike also gave a heads up about the March 1, 2013 Rotary Club of Toronto lunch with RI President Tanaka attending.
    • Also, on March 2, 2013, the Peace Symposium will be held at the Royal York.  Our club would get credit for attendance.
  • Don announced:
    • Marty and Rick have resigned.  Let's get new members.
    • We received a letter of thanks from the High Park Zoo for our recent support.
    • and a letter of thanks from ShelterBox for our support and in appeal in Iraq due to refugees fleeing Syria.
    Hugh mentioned:
    • Each club member should ensure that their email addresses are correct on ClubRunner in order to automatically receive emails from District announcing upcoming events like the Marlies one Mike highlighted.
    • If you are still looking for gifts for the upcoming holiday season, do consider charitable Global Gifts from ShelterBox.  Gifts range from $20.00 to $1,000.  Easy to shop on line here
    • His daughter took it on herself to get her dance school to give this year's fundraiser proceeds to ShelterBox. 
    Scott indicated:
    • There are still some Zeddys left.
    • If you're interested in hosting at the December 21 Pia Bouman Nutcracker event at Humberside CI, speak to Scott.  Some tickets still available for those who could use them.  Humberside's Key Club will manage the event so we are simply hosts to our guests.
    Jacquie thanked folks for their support on the recent loss of her mother.Don concluded the meeting with an overview of corruption in Russia - corruption so widespread and complicated that it induced financier Bill Browder to successfully campaign against allowing the corrupt ones entering the United States. Speak to Don for the details!It was noted that Carole again arrived early, and again won the draw but, this time, not the joker.  Is there a new arrival pattern for Carole emerging?And lastly, the draw for the bottle of wine brought by ADG Michael was won by Scott.  

    And now, a picture of all of us this morning (minus ADG Mike who was our photographer):