Quick notes from today's meeting:
  • Suzanne R. brought a guest, Arthur.  Arthur was at our Halloween party a few years ago and is interested in Rotary.
  • Marty gave an update on the Zeddy numbers.  Over $1,000 in Zeddy money was handed over to Scott this morning.  And approximately 250 Zeddys are still looking for a home.
  • We discussed the upcoming Pia Bouman Nutcracker show and our traditional support to this community event. 
  • Danielle was successful in raising $250 on Kijiji for the Casino Rama tickets.
  • Scott will look at updating the club pamphlet with the new web site address etc.
  • Hugh suggested that we might consider sponsoring a new seat or two in support of Humberside's renovation efforts in Lismer Hall.  The chairs would be marked with our club's name. 
  • Don reiterated the need to settle next year's board by year end.  Zeddy for president?
  • Carole demonstrated the benefits of arriving earlier than normal by drawing the joker in the 50/50!
  • A reminder to all that next week, December 13, we could use a good turnout of members for the Zeddy-related presentations to our guests.