In place of our usual morning meeting, on Thursday night, February 13, the club held a fellowship evening at the Yellow Griffin Pub.  The main event of the night was the Love Raffle Draw.  The following email from Danielle aptly summarizes the evening.  Thanks Danielle!!


Hello my fellow Rotarians!

Congratulations to all of us for a successful fundraiser the "Love Raffle" in which we raised over $3000 to help those in need :) A special thank you to Scott for the incarnation of using our left over auction items for a raffle, to John for printing, distribution of tickets, collections, organizing sales at the Grenadier and keeping us on really deserve a gold star...and Mark for your work with ticket was perfect!  And of course to everyone who sold tickets, bought tickets and volunteered to sell at the Grenadier...we all did a marvelous job!  

The draw at the Yellow Griffin was also a huge success, I can see us using that venue again!  Our winners were as follows:


1st - VIA - Kelly Cochrane
2nd - HBC blanket - Mary Pollard
3rd - Red Bag - Steven Liu
4th - necklace - Elsa Ng
5th - medieval times tics - Suzanne Manvell 

My favorite part about this fundraiser  was the level of participation from everyone...thank you again...we will discuss as a group making this an annual event :)

Enjoy your weekend and see you all on Thursday!

Warmest regards, Danielle