At today's meeting:
  • Visiting us this morning was Michelle Guy from the Toronto Club.  Michelle invited us to attend the Toronto Club's 100th Anniversary Luncheon ($80 ea. - includes desert) on Friday March 1, 2013 at the Royal York.  RI President Tanaka will be in attendance.  Do please come.
  • President Don invested and welcomed Arthur Anderson as a new club member.  Welcome to the club Arthur!  We will enjoy getting to know you!
  • Our guest speaker was Michael Kelly, Artistic Director of Shakespeare in Action.  Michael spoke to us about some of the Shakespeare in Action programming including the opportunity to donate to their not-for-profit organisation by purchasing a sonnet for $25 which would be then read over the phone to you by an enthusiastic youth member.  Michael also invited us to attend the upcoming Shakespeare Challenge presentation of The Tempest at the Arts and Letters Club on Saturday, February 23 where our own Suzanne M. will be one of the cast.  Our Club then donated a cheque for $500 to Michael to support the company's charitable efforts.  For more info on Shakespeare in Action and the Shakespeare Challenge, click here.
  • We briefly discussed our desire to work on the list of charities that we would like to support this upcoming year.  This will definitely be discussed at ournext board meeting Monday, Feb 25 at Don's house.  
  • Don said we're good to go on any Foundation grants as he and Carole attended the certification session last weekend.
  • We should be getting a cheque for our TV Auction proceeds on Feb 28.  (Amount not known as yet.)
  • Danielle and her colleague, Sue Rumack, will be our guest speakers at next week's breakfast meeting, Feb 21.  Please plan to attend!  
  • Happy bucks came from Danielle, Michelle, and Suzanne R.
  • Danielle won the draw but only the 6 of hearts or was it sad again.