Quick notes from the meeting:
  • Our guest today was Danielle's co-speaker Sue Rumack.  This is Sue's second visit to our club.
  • Carole will be attending the March 2 Urban Peace conference for us and we will take up Mary-Lou Harrison's offer to try and find a student from Ursula Franklin Academy (which is setting up a Rotaract Club) that we can sponsor for the conference.
  • Suzanne M. will be starring this Saturday night in The Shakespeare Challenge.  Be there if you can!
  • Danielle and Sue spoke to us today about how they came together (3 hours at David's Tea) and their decision that a combined service offering for the management of stress through Life Coaching (offered by Sue) and Chiropractic Therapy (offered by our own Danielle) would be a good thing to do. Danielle and Sue shared personal stories with us and finished with an offer of free trial services for us and our friends with each/either of them over the next 2 weeks.  They would appreciate feedback from us on their concept and a little web survey will be fired our way to enable this.  Thanks to Sue and Danielle for speaking to our club today!   
  • The draft "Wanted Poster" was circulated and John is going to work on it some more before heading off next week. 
  • Suzanne R. won the draw - she says for the first time - but not the pot!