Some notes from today's meeting:

  • The new Rotary year began on July 1 and our new President "for the period", Carole Rowsell, took the meeting.
  • As our guest speaker was unable to make the meeting, Carole quickly adjusted our meeting content.
  • Wayne mentioned that he could speak to the club on "Business Intelligence" in a future meeting.
  • We chatted about upcoming plans including organizations we might support this year.  John gave an update on the Food Shelter. Danielle gave the club an update on one not-for-profit initiative for the club's consideration.
  • Carole indicated that our first board meeting of the new year will be on July 8 and will be held at the Grenadier.  As we have an open board, all club members are welcome to attend the board meeting. And we're in need of volunteers for great minute taking.
  • A reminder that we have our District Governor, Brian Thompson, joining us at next week's meeting on July 10.
  • Scott asked that we get back to him with any questions concerning the August 14 golf tournament.  We have a full complement of golfers and it is in our club's interest to solicit sponsors to generate proceeds for our on-going charitable work.  In the absence of sponsorships, we would need to think again about our involvement!  Sponsorship information can be downloaded from our website main page. 
  • We will be celebrating Suzanne's past year as president at Don's house on July 17 at the President's Dinner.   We have 3 folks bringing salads and 2 bringing deserts?  There is a fair amount of wine and beer leftover from the Paul Harris evening.  If you have different beverage preferences, BYOB.  Twenty dollars each for the steak dinner with $10 of that towards eradicating land mines.
  • As Paul drew the ace of hearts - the pot does indeed live on.
  • And as there was nothing else to discuss "for the good of Rotary", we recited the 4 way test in the customary way and Carole closed her first meeting of 2014.  Thanks Carole!