Notes from our first meeting of the new Rotary year chaired by President Suzanne M.:

  • Suzanne introduced our visitors today:
    • Fernando Neubern (20 year former Rotarian from Brazil now living in Toronto)
    • Michelle Guy from the Toronto Club.
  • Carole did a make-up in going to the RI convention in Lisbon, Portugal!
  • It's Danielle's birthday tomorrow - Happy Birthday Danielle!
  • The Canada Day event in High Park was a success according to Robin, Arthur and Suzanne R.  Seventeen visitors came by our Rotary table and all of our pamphlets were distributed.  Having the ShelterBox display next to our table helped to draw people in and so Arthur was able to chat to folks about Rotary and relate it to the ShelterBox initiative.  Two Rotarians from Australia visited our table.
  • Scott relayed that 132 golfers are lined up for our August 15 Golf Tournament.  No breakfast meeting that day. Need commitment from our various club members.  Speak to Robin for volunteering.  Scott will be following up with each of us.  Who knows, Fernando could be there!

Today's Speakers:

  • Carole and Michelle gave us their first hand impressions of the recent RI Convention in Lisbon, Portugal.   Overall, a great experience!!
  • The convention consisted of plenary sessions held in a "skydome"-like building and "break-out groups" held in various locations.
  • The plenary sessions included presentations from two Nobel peace prize winners, Jacques Cousteau's grand-daughter (on her web site designed to trigger positive change in the world), Jane Goodall (with a chimp in tow speaking about the environment and positive changes being brought about), and Toronto's Craig Kielberger (Save the Children) as the final speaker.  Craig was electrifying.
  • Some of the the break-out groups were a little challenged from space and language translation perspectives.  Carole attended the water topics.  An honourable mention was that Jim Luitt from the Toronto Club moderated the micro-finance break-out session that both Carole and Michelle attended.
  • This was Michelle's 7th RI convention and she was yet again inspired by the fact that Rotarians from 167 countries come together with shared interests and experiences..."like-minded people".  One convention should almost be mandatory.
  • Carole purchased the convention DVD package and, when they arrive, will be able to show at upcoming breakfast meetings.
  • Carole and Michelle were very taken by the politeness of the Portuguese people.  
  • Carole is going to miss the wee old-fashioned tram - a highlight of her day!

Following our impromptu speakers:

  • Mention was made of our own District Conference in Deerhurst in late October 2013.
  • We chatted about the number of "wanted" posters to print.
  • Happy Bucks came from:
    • Carole thanking Don for his leadership this past year and for Suzanne M. for the year ahead;
    • Danielle for her best vacation ever, getting home safely and her 40th tomorrow!;
    • Michelle for our "amazing" club;
    • Suzanne M. for last week's President's dinner and her first meeting as President;
    • and Fernando Neubern for being back at a Rotary meeting.
  • John won the draw but not the pot.