Members will note the higher standard in the following notes from our May 9th meeting - thanks Paul!!

Present:  Don Sirko, Scott Bartle, Carole Rowsell, Robin Sorys.

Guests:  Lynne Martin of the Toronto School Board; Kate Sowen of St. Christopher House; Paul Pereira.

Announcements:  Division 11 of the Toronto Police Services has an Open House on Saturday, May 11th at 2054 Davenport Road from 11am-3pm.

Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:50 a.m.

St. Christopher House—Early Learning Program:  Lynne Martin and Kate Sowen visited the Rotary Club on behalf of St. Christopher House.

They spoke of the Queen Victoria Early Learning Program, a summer readiness program serving low-income students and new immigrants. The pre-Kindergarten program is offered to 80 students in 3 classrooms by a teacher and support staff. It is held through July from 9am-12am, and then for a few days from 9-2, so that students will be ready for their first days of school. Program members do better in school. The program is sponsored in part by the Queen Victoria School, Toronto Public Health, the Parkdale Parents & Primary Prevention Program, and the City of Toronto. They have a budget of $18,000 and seek from $2000 from the High Park Rotary Club. Kate mentioned that she is now on secondment to St. Christopher House and that Lydia Monaco will be taking responsibility for the program as of June. Lydia is a Director of Children, Youth & Family Services.

The club donated $1000 last year, but due to fiscal constraints this year, the Club considered making a smaller donation of $500 this year.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 a.m.

50/50 Draw: Carole won 50% of a $144 pot by drawing the Joker.

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul J.S. Pereira