• RJ Petersen visited us today!
  • Don gave a quick run down of items from last night's Presidents' meeting:
    • do remember the upcoming party for Bob Scott - details available from Don.
    • this year the Vocational Studies theme will be Palliative Care.  Participants will need to have 6 weeks available.  The hope is that hosts will be found for participants in west, east and central Toronto for one week stints in each area.  The other half of the course will be in Japan where hotels will likely be used.  If you know of anyone interested in hosting or participating, please speak to Don.  All other details concerning dates etc. are also available from Don.
    • Don picked up a box of crocuses for Polio Plus from Bill Patchett for $200 to supplement givings to Rotary Foundation. Scott moved that we pay the $200 now for the box and give the crocuses out to speakers and/or buy them ourselves - motion was quickly carried.
    • there will be a Rotary TV commercial in the near future with the message "You Are The Missing Piece!".
    • a reminder of the upcoming Toronto 100th lunch at the King Eddie on November 23.  Don will re-send the email with the details.  A plaque will be unveiled at the King Eddie.  Also, on March 1, 2013, there will be a dinner at the Royal York.
    • our club's Rotary Peace Fellow nominee was the runner-up for the $75K scholarship. The scholarship recipient was also from our district.
    • March 2, 2013 there will be a Peace Through Rotary conference.  Details to come.
    • Lastly, Don sold $210 worth of Zeddys at the Presidents' meeting.
  • There will be a club board meeting at Don's house next Monday, November 19th.
  • The Dec 6 meeting may be an evening one if the Toronto police are meeting at the Grenadier in the morning.
  • The Xmas Greedy Grab will be December 20th.

The Zeddies Are Here!

  • Marty introduced a dozen or so of the 1,008 Zeddys he recently received from Zellers.  First introduced by Zellers in 1937, they may become  collector's items one day.
  • The challenge is now on to sell the wee critters!  They're definitely cute.
  • Marty reminds us that if we sell them at $20 each through our businesses and to our friends, this will maximise the amount that we raise for the Redwood Shelter.
  • We can also sell them for $5 each to other Rotary clubs and organisations (such as schools,churches) in order that they can re-sell them for their own purposes.
  • So be creative and start selling...Marty's going to bring them by the TV Auction meeting this evening.
  • Following the Zeddys discussion, Hugh gave a quick demonstration of ClubRunner and Scott encouraged all those who haven't as yet to give it a try.  It really is not difficult and the more that you use it, the easier it becomes.

Happy Bucks and 50/50

  • RJ was happy to be visiting.
  • Scott was happy that RJ was visiting and, for his son's 24th birthday.
  • Carmel's ticket was drawn but she she didn't draw the joker.