A few quick notes:
  • Visiting today from the Rotary Club of Brampton Flower City Centennial was Scott Bartle's guest, Robin Singh.  Robin's club would like to partner with our club in running a golf tournament in 2013.  The Brampton club has been running a golf tournament for the past 7 years - as it happens - also at the Royal Ontario Golf Club. Robin's club has historically brought out 75 golfers.  Together, our two clubs might achieve the ideal number of 144 golfers for the tournament. Discussions to follow and details to come.
  • Much of the breakfast chat today was on this past weekend's successful TV Auction - including the positive impact of the Zeddys!    Also, Scott brought a few of our leftover auction items to breakfast and we auctioned them off internally.  The too-late-arriving-to-make-the-auction Casino Rama tickets for Kenny Rogers and Tracy Morgan will put on Kijiji by Danielle to see what we can raise.  
  • We are already starting planning for next year's TV auction.  One of this year's organisers, Kevin Manuel, has put out an email asking for our feedback in order to assist in this planning.   As a club, Scott mentioned that we do need to ensure our full participation throughout the weekend. Danielle is pumped for next year!
  • Also, Marty has about 300 Zeddys still looking for a home.  John H. and Don have been busy on this front.  The intent is that we find them homes as soon as possible so that proceeds can go to the Redwood as soon as possible.  Marty will invite the Redwood to drop by our club to receive the HBC cards and Zeddy proceeds.
  • Don wondered whether we might like to view a film on Stalin's treatment of the Ukraine people in the early 1930's...November is the month that the Ukrainian community reflects on the forced famine that occurred over the period 1932-33.
  • Danielle had a Happy Buck for the TV Auction experience and John H. won the 50/50 draw but not the pot.