At today's breakfast meeting:

  • Rotarian Don Sexton from the Mississauga Club visited us today. Don has been to our club before - the last time was a couple of years ago. Welcome Don!
  • Be warned, our own President Don is considering the notion of starting our breakfast meetings on time! This will necessarily mean that club members are there to order breakfast at 7:15 a.m. so the meeting can start with the ring of the bell at 7:30 a.m. So, don't be surprised to hear more about this in the near future!
  • President Don announced that at the Tuesday night board meeting, it was apparent from the financial review that we need to put all effort into gathering items for the upcoming TV Auction - in order to replenish our funds for donatations. This is necessary for us in order to carry on the good work that we do. So Don encourages all of us to approach the people we regularly interact with such as at the grocery store, garage, stores etc. and ASK!
  • Marty gave us an update on the Zeddy front. Zeddies are expected to arrive any day now and will need a storage spot! There are several options available including the offer from Robin to store them at the park. Marty is going to check out the options. The plan is to sell them to others for $5 and have them re-sold at $20 for the cause. Don will pass Marty's plan on to District's Gael Moore to get word out to our other clubs. In fact, Marty was pitching the notion to Don Sexton in the breakfast line this morning...and with apparent success...what a salesman!
  • On the TV Auction front:
    • Danielle gave us an update on planning.
    • Volunteer sheets were distributed in order that members could sign up for their preferred role for the TV Auction weekend. If you weren't there this morning, please get in touch with Danielle as to how you can help.
    • Donations should ideally be coming in now with the October 12 target deadline has come and gone.
    • As the items will be entered into the system on November 1st so it's important to put on the final push in getting items in.
    • Danielle is going to let us know who will be entering our items in the database.
    • A quick survey of members present suggested that items are coming in...4 items or so per member so far.
    • Scott suggested that we talk to our friends with hockey tickets in the event that there will an NHL season. Allowance is being made to take hockey tickets right up until November 18 - given their big popularity at the Auction.
  • On the social front, a plan is afoot to have a dance around Valentine's day. We are also looking into a social evening towards the end of January - January 31st in fact - together with better halves.
  • Carole will be at the District conference this weekend and Hugh will be there with ShelterBox.
  • Marty won the draw but not the pot.

And that's it for another week!