• Don welcomed our Rotarian guests:  Tom Sears (Northumberland Sunrise) and Gael Moore (Cobourg).
  • Don attended the Bowmanville Foundation Walk on a beautiful day last Sunday and enjoyed the experience.  Be sure to complete your donation forms accompanying your cheque.
  • Danielle announced that she and Hugh attended the TV Auction Operations meeting last night.  It is time to collect items for the auction! Danielle and Carole have sent letters out to past item donors.  We should each follow-up these letters now with regard to our personal lists.    Danielle has the letter format for new donors ready to go and asks that we each provide her 3 new names and she will send solicitation letters out for our individual follow-up.  Scott is volunteering to receive the items and get them to where they need to be.  The next Operations meeting is scheduled for October 11 at 200 Yorklands. 
  • On the subject of golf, Scott indicated that there is a good possibility that we will be able to co-host a golf tournament in the summer of 2013 so don't rule it out!  More to come.
Guest Speaker:
  • Our guest speaker today was Tom Sears and the topic was the Rotary International Youth Exchange.  Tom has been chair for the past 9 years and Gael Moore is the new chair for District 7070.
  • Tom indicated that our club (and Don specifically) has been involved in the past with the student exchange.  Tom is hoping that more Toronto clubs will get involved in the international exchange program as it is a great experience for our youth.  The program involves reciprocal exchanges at the District level. Currently 17 students from District 7070 are outbound.  We are hoping to increase this number significantly. Over 8,000 youth per year worldwide are involved in the program across 50 countries.
  • To be involved in the program, a Rotary district has to be certified.  This process necessarily includes interviews, orientations and police checks.
  • Through the program, students learn to solve problems themselves and ask for help.  They learn a new language and experience a new culture.  They leave as a teenager and come back as an adult.  From the club standpoint, it adds another element to club life.
  • For the 2013-14 school year, students need to be selected by November 2012.  Students leave in August 2013.  For budgeting purposes, the cost is ~$3,500 for an inbound or outbound student - which includes $150/month in allowance.   
  • Note that a host family does not have to be a Rotarian.  The majority (60-70%) are not Rotarians but are friends of Rotary.  Parents of participating students are asked to host for 3 months.
  • Tom is able and willing to coordinate Toronto clubs to share the responsibility.  Given the public transportation system in Toronto, as long as the Bloor-Danforth line is involved, logistics are not an issue.  The public and Catholic school boards are willing participants.  (Budget $2,000 if partnering with another club.)
  • Parents of students are responsible for airfare and insurance and usually contribute to the $175 red Canadian blazer.
  • Key to making the program work well is identifying and partnering with a school or two.
  • Tom has had great satisfaction being involved in this international student exchange program and hopes that we might consider being involved.
  • Scott thanked Tom for his presentation with a mosquito net for Tanzania.  This was a particularly meaningful gesture to Tom and he has been to Tanzania 5 times. 
The Draw:
  • Despite there being 2 jokers in the deck this day, Carole did not draw the winning card.  The pot lives.

Postscript:  There was no bulletin created the week of September 20th as there was not a guest speaker and we batted around fundraising thoughts over breakfast.