Pictured above:  Les Stroud from the hit TV series "Survivorman" 

What better way to spend a sunny Thursday afternoon than in Toronto's High Park doing a charity promo shoot for ShelterBox with Survivorman Les Stroud?

What's that you say?

It started with getting an email from ShelterBox's Lisa Salapatek early Thursday morning saying we're doing the Survivorman shoot in High Park this afternoon...interested in coming out?  

So we met up in High Park at 1 p.m., selected a spot with Les's cameraman and set about putting up a ShelterBox tent.  Shortly afterwards, Les arrived, checked things out and began filming.  After an hour or so, we were all done.  

You see, Les had kindly agreed to promote ShelterBox.

A very interesting fellow Les Stroud - filmmaker, adventurer and musician - he's on TV around the world.  Les has done a lot in his life already. For more information about Les Stroud click here.

Here's another picture of some of us involved yesterday: