Thanks to Marty Kristof’s efforts, the Rotary Club of Parkdale-High Park has been given 1,000 Zeddy Bears by Zellers for its use to raise money for The Redwood, a shelter for victims of family violence. The Redwood has had great success in not only protecting families from violence, but also giving victims the tools and support to become self-sufficient so they don't have to return to their abuser. The Rotary Club is asking for donations of $10 - $20 for the cute little bears and all funds raised will go directly to The Redwood. Rotarians volunteer their time and money to run their Clubs so, there are no administrative fees associated with these fundraisers. The Rotary Club of Parkdale - High Park along with 4 other Rotary Clubs is having a TV Auction this weekend on Rogers TV and the Zeddy Bears will be very visible and Zellers well recognized for their donations. These Zeddy Bears may become a collectors’ item with the closing of the Zellers stores.  You can find more information about The Redwood at