Notes from today's meeting:

  • We were glad to have Michelle Guy and Fernando Neubern back with us again as visitors this week.  And, shortly into the meeting, Paul Collier from the RC of Toronto West joined us.
  • Suzanne asked us to give thought to the types of presenters and presentations we might like to have this year.
  • There was talk of putting on a gala - perhaps at Sunnyside.  This is something that would take some planning and is a possibility for next year.
  • Scott updated on golf.  The golfer numbers are good.  We still need prizes so let Scott know what you can contribute - especially if you're not available to volunteer at the event itself.  We'll be setting up a ShelterBox tent on the course.  For the poster, click here.
  • Hugh indicated that there is a TV Auction Operations meeting tonight.  It's not too early to collect items for this year's auction now - in order to avoid last minute rushes.
  • Don, Hugh and Michelle shared their personal flooded basement stories from this week's record rainfall.
  • Carole mentioned her conversation with Jan from the Beeches Club.  Apparently the pod system worked very well for their club in terms of organising meetings.  We might want to revisit the pod approach as a way to organise ourselves.  Pods worked for them and improved attendance.
  • There will be a board meeting at Suzanne's house on July 29? at 6:30 p.m.
  • I forget who won the draw but the pot still lives.