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If you have a book in you, I’ll help you get it out. 
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Helen Wilkie
Oct 26, 2017
Mallory Parks from the High Park Nature Centre
Nov 02, 2017

The Depanneur – a dinner club with rotating guests chefs and table talks and also has started the Newcomers Kitchen which right now is the monthly kitchen for Syrian refugee ladies cooking for home deliveries.

Len Senater
Nov 16, 2017

With the support of and in partnership with Rotary, Amarok Society, (see, is accomplishing something extraordinary for world education and, we believe, for world peace: we go into what may be the worst slums on earth, in Bangladesh and Pakistan, to teach extremely poor girls and boys by teaching their mothers to become neighborhood teachers. By this means we’re able to educate great numbers of children at very low cost - overcoming barriers to women’s and girls’ education.

Dr.Tanyss and Gem Munro,founders of Amarok Society
Mar 08, 2018