Club Discussion Thursday November 27 2014   



The Golf Tournament - need to identify the Beneficiary for 2015 - PACT? or other?-Scott 

  • Discussion- the club needs to choose an organization that 50% of the funds go to. Scott Bartle recommended PACT.  
  • Brief discussion that the members need time to look and see if there is another organization that members would like to recommend.  
  • It was decided that a decision is needed by December 11 meeting, so the organization can be listed with the Golf committee in January for material production  

TV Auction update comments – Discussion led by Danielle 

  • announced that the TV AUCTION raised over $100,000 the amount that will come to our club is not known yet.  However, there were a lot of new donors this Year!  ·         
  • It was recommended that next year we identify the main beneficiary of the TV AUCTION (ie organization that receives 50% of the funds)  recommended  
  • Also we  research and list on-line donors in July or August the on line applications need to be done    
Spring Raffle – left over items from TV Auction or possible on line items to request. What is needed  


  • Target date recommended for April 27 for the draw   
  • It appears at this time there is only one left over item from the TV auction, so new prizes will have to be identified 
  •  Via Rail tickets to Quebec city to be requested on –line –requires 90 day advance booking 
  • Recommended that we should research the need for proper registration  John H said he would research through Gord Perks office – city counsellor      Also recommended that application available on the city website – Carole volunteer to look if not available from Gord Perks office  

Christmas giving for Pia Bouman –Nutcracker  donation of $500.00  agreed at board meeting in Nov. – Difference it makes Discussion – Scott Bartle explained that Pia Bouman would give tickets to Redwood;  seniors organization or local families ( to be identified by members)  


Redwood Shelter donation for women – Discussion        

  • Don explained the history and how the club gave to famliies that had left the shelter – buying gifts for children and mothers and basket of food for celebration dinner –food selected to meet cultural and religious needs         
  •  Scott recommend that we give $500 like we have in the recent past and the Redwood would decide where it was needed     Carole recommended we look at other organization where the $500 contribution will make more of a difference …as the  Redwood can has  a large network of  donors organizations and people and organization       
  • Discussion continue and other groups like the Food Bank and Aangen community Centre were recommended == follow up needed  
Rotary Million Dinner - What is it? Why? Carole (will give handout) – this was an announcement making members aware that September 2015 there would be a dinner for Donor who gave $1000 this Rotary year 2014-15 and $!000 next rotary year 2015-16 . this is part of a new North American funding strategy for Rotary Foundation  
Food Bank funding Brief  status  -John H  reported the next step is the set up of the bank account, this is done and so Club funds will be deposited, so project can be started. The Rotary Foundation matching funds (District simplified funds) will be given in February 2015. 

Other items—announcing the 2014 Shakespeare in Hospitals Year end showcase/fund raiser  on December 18 & 19 at Fraser Studios 76 Stafford St. Toronto.

50-50 Draw Danielle's number was drawn and...the pot lives!