From this morning's meeting:
  • Denise Brunsdon was our visitor.  Denise will be around town until the end of August then moving to London, ON.
  • It was an intimate club gathering this morning so next week Brian will not be setting places!
  • While there was no guest speaker planned for today, please note that next week's speaker is District Governor Ted Kosiel and make plans to attend.
  • Don will host his first dinner meeting of the 2012-2013 season at his home on Tuesday, July 10 with $10 each for landmines.  The purpose of the meeting is to talk about the upcoming year, board requirements etc.  All club members invited.  Please RSVP to Don.
  • This weekend, July 7 is the Jamie Bell Playground re-opening in High Park.  A full day of community events is planned.  Come on out and enjoy the day.  We will be assisting ShelterBox in putting up a tent to promote this international Rotary project.  Come on by and visit the tent in the community groups section.
  • Last weekend, over the 4-day Canada Day Toronto Ribfest, Robin, John H. and Hugh were some of the volunteers manning the ShelterBox display.  People were successfully diverted from their beer and ribs missions to ask and/or hear about ShelterBox.  With over 200,000 people attending, the Etobicoke Club again put a huge effort into this year's successful event!  
  • Don announced that Mamaya Oda, our former Rotary exchange student, will be in Toronto in 2 week's time for a 2 week holiday.  If you are heading out on an excursion and can include Mamaya, please let Don know.
  • A quick reminder, if you can, to plant seeds and/or start collecting items for this year's Rotary TVAuction so that we can continue to support our causes.
  • Lastly, Don drew the 6 of spades and so the 50/50 pot lives.