• Robin welcomed our visitor Denise Brunsdon and today's speakers Robert Wakulat & Christine Koenig.
  • Robin announced that she will attend the Historical Society visioning session at Colborne Lodge this week, on behalf of our club, and will report back next week.
  • John H. indicated that the poorer weather likely hampered turnout at this year's Abbott Street Sale with proceeds lower than desired.
  • Hugh announced that he, Saleem Kassum and ShelterBox Response Team member Dave Hallett attended last night's Rotary Club of Toronto Twilight meeting to present on ShelterBox.   Toronto Twilight contributed 4 boxes to the Haiti earthquake appeal and were interested in an update on ShelterBox and an introduction to the charity for their newest members.  
  • Hugh also announced that this week is Big ShelterBox Week with the Open House today at 159 Jane Street just north of Bloor from 12 noon to 8 p.m.
  • Lastly on ShelterBox, if you are able to attend the ShelterBox Display at Toronto Ribfest over the Canada Day weekend, please confirm by email to Hugh.
Today's Presentation:
  • Speakers Robert Wakulat & Christine Koenig presented on Greening the City of Toronto One Business Community at a Time.
  • GreenTBiz's mission is to engage and empower Toronto‚Äôs small and medium-sized enterprises and Business Improvement Areas to take a hands-on approach to improving the sustainability of their urban environments and increasing their profitability.  We believe that no business is too small to make a difference. GreenTbiz envisions sustainable communities where residents and businesses live in harmony with and contribute meaningfully to their local environment. GreenTbiz will be at the forefront of the movement to create these communities, by empowering businesses and BIAs, by developing innovative resources and by transforming economic values.
  • Robert gave a quick overview of some of the guiding rules around implementing green energy projects and this was followed by some lively questioning on costs of energy.  Following this, Christine gave a specific example of a German village of 750 people that is energy self sufficient using a biogas plant fueled by agricultural manure and wood chips - with the byproducts returned to the farm fields as fertiliser.
  • For more information on community power, see their website www.greentbiz.org
  • Robin thanked our speakers with our customary mosquito net for a Tanzanian family.

  • Robin won the 50/50 but the pot still lives.