Quick notes from the March 27 breakfast meeting:


  • The next Food Bank date is Saturday, April 12.
  • There will be a board meeting, Monday April 21. (Bring your own chocolates for the Easter egg hunt.)
  • The night for Paul Harris celebration/awards is not yet confirmed.

Today’s Speaker:

  • Our guest speaker today was Staff Sgt. Phil Van Andel from Toronto Police Services’ 11 Division. 
  • High Park falls under 11 Division, bounded to the north by Davenport, the west by the Humber River, to the east by Dufferin Street and the south by Lake Ontario. There is a slight exception to areas within Parkdale.  There are 17 police services divisions in the city.
  • Staff Sgt. Van Andel spoke to us about the Pacer Report - a far reaching paper on Policing in the City of Toronto. The Pacer report addresses how Police interact with the various groups in the city and provides recommendations for the future.
  • Last year, 11 Division created a Scholarship Program - which our club supported. This program is open to all students enrolled or planning to enroll in post secondary education, that either attend a school within Division 11’s boundaries or live within the boundaries. Some of the students have volunteered for homework clubs (keeping kids in the schools, and thereby keeping them out of troublesome situations, giving them better opportunities for the future) as well as in coaching and recreational opportunities, giving kids better odds of success.
  • The program is based on both need and to those who have made a difference in their communities in matters concerned with safety. The committee is made of the local Committee Liaison Group, which is made of 3 community members and Staff Sgt. Van Andel.
  • For more info click here.

      50/50 Draw:


  • And Scott won the 50/50 pot!