Thanks to Paul and Suzanne for the following:

High Park Rotary Club—Minutes for the Meeting of May 16th, 2013

Present:  Don Sirko, Scott Bartle, Danielle Gilas, Suzanne Manvell, Carole Rowsell, Robin Sorys.

Guests:  Paul Pereira.

Call to order: 7:45am. 

Blood Donor Clinic.  There is a blood donor clinic Saturday morning at the Swansea Town Hall. There are two shifts from 9-11:30am and from 11:30-2pm.  Volunteers are needed to mark cards, give juice and cookies. Carole and Suzanne are attending the first, Paul and Scott the second.

TV auction.  Danielle, thinks that sending out the call to action cards for items donated to the TV Auction. She has asked for extra help to attend meetings for the TV auction, to which Don agreed.. Danielle also asked how we feel about setting a goal for the auction. Last year we made $7,000 including our sponsorship, so let's think about a new bigger and better goal to achieve for next year

Grenadier Brochure.  Robin presented the Grenadier Restaurant Brochure in which we are highlighted as one of the community groups.

Fluid Change.  Omar's Service Station's gift to the TV Auction, a transmission fluid flush of $150 value, is still available. Bid on it at Danielle's party next Thursday night.

Food trucks.  Don will call Suresh, the president of the food truck association, to ask him to participate in our upcoming fundraisers.

Canada Day.  Suzanne R. and Arthur will be asked if they would like to man the table at the July 1st event in the park.

Cheques.  We need cheques for CAMH for the donation to the garden.

Recipient breakfast.  Danielle spoke with Mike Bell and they do a special breakfast for the recipients of the monies that we give throughout the year. It would great idea for us to do the same for our recipients and also for our donors from the TV auction.  We could invite them at the same time as we send out the call to action letter in September and have a breakfast in October.

Golf tournament.  Our annual tournament is on August 15th. We need golfing groups and sponsors. The price is $250 per golfer (or $225 with the early bird discount) and $1,500 per corporate sponsor. We need new sponsors and also reach out to friends and clients for golfing parties. We also need items for the silent auction

Train your brain.  Juice up your brain with Dr. Danielle. Train the brain two thursdays from today.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30am.

The pot. Scott drew, and the pot lives.

Happy Bucks:

Graduation.  Congratulations to Scott's son for graduating. He will be playing baseball in Brandon, Manitoba for the summer.

Daughter's visit.  Don contributed a buck for his daughter coming home on Saturday.

Great fellowship.  Suzanne had happy bucks for enjoying the fellowship of our great club. She did not have any loonies or toonies and so will contribute one of each next week to mark this moment and pay for the draw.

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul J.S. Pereira & Suzanne Manvell