• Scott is resting up at home! (Right Scotty?)
  • Robin welcomed Julian Gutierrez and William Payne visiting this morning to speak to us today about Rotary Peace Fellowships.
  • Danielle announced that she and Marty presented a cheque to the CAMH Sunshine Garden project on Monday this week.  
  • Robin announced that our P-HP Board approved a $2,000 contribution to the High Park Zoo to help in getting them even closer to achieving the matching fund target. 
  • John H. is still looking for bodies to help at the Abbott Street sale scheduled for Saturday, June 9.
  • Hugh gave an update on ShelterBox activities.  He's been talking to scout and church youth groups and has presentations lining up for the Twilight Club and the Etobicoke Club.  Speaking of the Etobicoke Club, any P-HP members available and willing to man the ShelterBox display at Toronto Ribfest over the Canada Day weekend, please speak to Hugh.  With the ShelterBox staff involved, we're trying to man our display with fellow Rotarians and other ShelterBox volunteers throughout the 4 day event.  
  • And remember, there's the Etobicoke Club's Magoanine B School event this Sunday at Nigel Brown's home
Rotary Peace Fellowship:

Robin, Hugh, Danielle, John H. and John C. had an interesting time with our visitors William and Julian on the topic of Rotary Peace Fellowships. William Payne, a Rotary Peace Fellow, who now lives in Parkdale, recently contacted Scott regarding the possibilities of a Rotary Peace Fellowship for Julian Gutierrez Castano.  To quote from William's email to Scott:  ...I'd like to introduce you to Julian Gutierrez.  He is a colleague who has been looking at the possibility of applying for the fellowship.  I worked with him in an NGO in Colombia (he is Colombian) and now he is working on a project here in Canada for a while with the same NGO.  He is a fantastic candidate for the fellowship, has extensive experience working on issues related to the construction of peace and justice and brings a commitment and an intelligence to the  work that is exemplary.  His formal education is in the area of ethno-education and he worked for many years the Middle Magdalena region of Colombia before being assigned to a project here in Canada. He lives in Parkdale as well...Julian has been in contact with a Rotary Club in Pereira, Colombia (his hometown) already about the Rotary Peace Fellowship application due at the end of June, but I had wondered if it might make sense logistically to submit his application here in Canada since he is living here at the moment (I'm not sure what each district's process may be in terms of formal interviews for example). 

As it states on the RI web site: Rotary Peace Fellows are leaders promoting national and international cooperation, peace, and the successful resolution of conflict throughout their lives, in their careers, and through service activities. Fellows can earn either a master’s degree in international relations, public administration, sustainable development, peace studies, conflict resolution, or a related field, or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict resolution. 

Given the upcoming application deadline per the RI web site, Robin offered that we would investigate the possibilities and let them know how we might help.  (In fact, while we were all talking, Robin connected with Carole via email as Carole is most familiar with the fellowship process.  Carole will likely recommend how they might proceed - whether through us or perhaps through the Toronto Club?)