Highlights from this morning's breakfast meeting:
  • Our guests today were Rotarians Lars Tolstrup, who was visiting from Aarhus, Denmark and Syd Wilson, our guest speaker.
  • Scott introduced Lars.  Lars was in town on business (aerospace) and had emailed the club regarding attending our meeting.  Lars gave us a brief overview of his club.  There are 5 Rotary clubs in Aarhus, Denmark - a city of ~350,000 people.  His Tuesday lunch club is very stable at 60 members who tend not to leave.  Lars and his wife are very interested in Canada.
  • Don attended the recent District 7070 Presidents' meeting:
    • Out of this meeting came the challenge to add 100 new members to District 7070 in 100 days. This contest starts September 15 and ends December 23, 2012.  Prizes will be awarded to winning clubs (1st $2,500; 2nd $1,000; 3rd $500) for netting a minimum of 2 new members.
    • In December we need to submit our club's names for our 2013-2014 Board.  Give it some thought!
    • The first Rotary E-club in Canada is soon to be set up.  This club will meet on the internet.
    • For those interested in attending, the Rotary Leadership Institute will meet on November 17, 2012.
    • On May 31, 2013, a birthday party is being organised for Bob Scott.  The party will be held in Cobourg and our RI President will be there.  Tickets are $200 each.
    • A call is out to help Rotaractors attend the District Conference in Richmond Hill at $299 each.
  • Suzanne is looking for afternoon volunteers for this Saturday's Blood Donor Clinic at Swansea Town Hall.
  • Danielle announced the Sunshine Garden latest and will be sending out an email with details and a link for the Queen West Project.  We will be getting an update on October 18.
  • Danielle also announced the next TV Auction Operations meeting to be held at 200 Yorklands on September 26.  
  • There will be a Board meeting at Don's house on Monday, September 17...with $10 for landmines.
Guest Speaker:
  • Danielle introduced Syd Wilson.
  • Syd walked us through the various methods used by the Rotary Club of Toronto Humber for soliciting items for the TV Auction.  (Key has been having a retired Rotarian available to coordinate this effort.)
  • Approximately 160 letters are sent out each year by Toronto Humber.  One third of these are from club members and the other two thirds come from Syd.  This effort generally results in 250 items for the TV Auction with proceeds from this effort approximately $20,000.  
  • Sports tickets are top sellers.  Last year, with the shortened NBA season, they did not make as much on sports tickets.  Time will tell what might happen this year if the NHL season is impacted?  
  • Syd supplied us with copies of the letters that they use for new and old item donors.  These could then be tailored and used by us.
  • Syd also provided us with categories of possible item donors and strategies to approach - including through bank contacts.  The television viewing audience is 850,000.  This is attractive for many potential item donors and the sooner they donate, the more free publicity they stand to receive.  Toronto Humber suggest receiving items by October 12th.
50/50 Draw:  
  • Scott drew the JOKER and won the $238 pot!!