The Rotary Club of Parkdale-High Park is involved in service projects in the local community
and in the broader international community supporting a variety of humanitarian, educational
and health issues. Here is a sampling of our work:

Local Projects: 
Redwood Shelter for Women
PACT - Urban Peace Program
Swansea Blood Donor Clinic 
CAMH Community Garden
Pia Bouman Nutcracker Community Event 

International Projects:
Eliminating Landmines
Polio Eradication
Students Crossing Borders (Jamaica)
Mosquito Nets for Tanzania
Water Wells in Zimbabwe 
ImageThe Redwood Shelter
The P-HP Rotary Club was formed in 1987 to act as the catalyst to engage the Local community in the creation of a west-end shelter for women and children fleeing family violence. With tremendous support from the Local community – the Redwood first opened its doors in December of 1993. Since then, the Redwood has helped thousands of women and children survive family violence and rebuild their lives.

For more information about the Redwood and the services it provides and how you could support its efforts click on this link.

        The Redwood:

ImageEliminating Landmines

Each fall, the club members host one or more dinners as part of the Night of 1,000 Dinners - as concerned citizens around the world gather to learn more about this terrible legacy of the 20th Century and to raise money to support landmine clearance and to help rehabilitate individuals and communities adversely affected but the presence of landmines in or near their homes, fields, road, waterways, schools and playgrounds.

In conjunction with other Rotary Clubs, P-HP Rotary has helped clear agricultural land in the former Yugoslavia and in collaboration with Help Handicapped International has supported an artificial limb clinic in Kabul Afghanistan. To find out more, use the link below.

    Adopt-A-Minefield (Canada):

    Rotarians for Mine Action:

ImagePACT – Participation, Acknowledgment, Commitment and Transformation – is a restorative justice program that is being implemented in the Youth Courts of Toronto by the Canadian Foundation for the Prevention Family Violence as an alternative to incarceration.
PACT is the natural evolution of the Resolution Conference Program for young offenders, a first-of-its-kind project in Canada which began in 1995 in Sparwood B.C.

Glen Purdy, a defense attorney, and RCMP Sergeant Jake Bouman, played opposite roles in the judicial system, but both recognized the need for a more effective solution to the young offender problem in Canada. Jake and Glen created the foundation for numerous similar programs that have sprung up all over the country.

The PACT program built upon their success to develop a three stage all encompassing program to help all young offenders, especially the most serious cases. PACT unleashes the potential of young offenders by transforming them into productive members of the community and empowers and supports the victims to move forward. For more information about PACT please use the link below.

            The PACT Program: