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One million. It's the number of Syrian people waiting for conflict to end in their homeland. It's the number of people who no longer sleep under their own roofs, who may not know where they will sleep tonight. The number of people wondering when they can return home, that is, if their home is still standing when that time comes.


One million is a grim milestone. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), it is the number of Syrians that have fled to countries like Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan to escape from nearly two years of violence and political conflict at home.



ShelterBox first responded to the Syrian refugee crisis in October 2012, delivering nearly 500 boxes of emergency shelter and other lifesaving aid to families living at the Domiz refugee camp in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Shortly after, ShelterBoxes were distributed across refugee camps in Jordan and to internally displaced families that remained within Syria's borders.


Advanced in its response to the Lebanese government's request for aid, ShelterBox was the first humanitarian aid agency to distribute tents in Lebanon, addressing the need for thermally insulated shelter in the harsh winter weather.

The ShelterBox mission is to provide humanitarian aid in the form of equipment and materials that bring shelter, warmth and dignity to families made homeless by natural and other disasters. The Syrian refugee crisis is an example of the other types of disasters to which we respond.

By supporting ShelterBox, you provide more than shelter, warmth and dignity. You provide protection, comfort and a sense of normalcy to those who would otherwise be living in fear.










Ron Noseworthy, Board Chair

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