The News from today's meeting


  • Paul is planning to be back in the club, around June 2014
  • The LOVE raffle ticket sales will be taking places this Saturday (January 18, 2014) at the Grenadier Restaurant
  • A speaker has been lined to present on the topic of Vertical Gardening in the near future
  • PACT will be the beneficiary of our 2014 Golf Tournament. This organization targets youth who have been involved with the Police and given them means to stay out of legal trouble.  PACT stands for Participation, Action, Commitment and Transition. Visit their website for more information
  • Two causes (Polio and Nature Center) have been identified for speaker gifts.
  • There is a photo contest to illustrate service projects. The dates of the photos must be between July 1st 2013 and March 31st 2014. The picture size is limited to 3mb and must be jpeg format.
Today's Speaker
  • Danielle spoke about the need to start planning for the Rotary TV Auction.